Pollo Asada – TKD

Trying a new recipe tonight.  Pollo Asada – Mexican Marinated Chicken.  Came out pretty good.  Will be using leftovers for Chicken Curry tomorrow.

Click here to download a text copy of the recipe.

Pollo Asada – TKD Recipes

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5               each  chicken thighs
5               each  garlic cloves
1/2      teaspoon  black pepper
1           teaspoon  sea salt
2          teaspoons  homemade chili powder — See recipe below
1/4           cup  lime juice
2          teaspoons  cumin
2          teaspoons  white vinegar
1/4           cup  oil
1/2          each  medium onion — diced

Put everything but the chicken into a blender and combine.  Put chicken,
with or without skin, into 1 gallon ziplock bag.  Pour marinade over
chicken.  Cook on the grill or bake in the oven.

Let marinate for 2-24 hours.

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