Wild Paw Paw Fruit

We discovered we have a patch of wild Paw Paw fruit trees behind our greenhouse.  It’s the only tropical fruit native to the USA.  They are quite tasty.  They have a custardy, banana like flavor with a hint of mango and coconut.  The mango comes out much more as they ripened and the inside goes from a creamy white to an almost orange color.  In the images, the trees with the long, droopy leaves are pawpaw trees.

They never became commercially viable as they are thin skinned and have a fairly short shelf life.  We picked about 20 pounds worth and are now in the process of preparing the pulp for the freezer.  We plan on making pawpaw ice cream today as well.  I’ll add a recipe and pic’s later.

More info on the paw paw aka pawpaw fruit.

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