Fun Cuisine: Ziploc Omelets

Boil in bag Omelets, aka Ziploc Omlets,  looked like a fun thing to try on a holiday morning.  A mild controversy exists over the toxicity of the plastic (food grade plastic) and it’s transference to the food do to heat.  The way I look at it, we cook in plastic bowls in the microwave all the time, boil in bag vegetables, microwaved meals with plastic and no one questions these practices.  Yet, when it comes to this, a whole host of nuts come out of the woodwork that will cite studies that are “inconclusive” as some sort of proof of the dangers of plastic.

Moving on:

Here’s whats involved.

Boiling water
Freezer bags
4 eggs
Omelet fillings.

We made ours with avocado, onion, mushroom, homegrown cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper, basil.

Dump it all in the bag.  Get the air out of the bag.  Chuck it into the boiling water for 13 minutes for two eggs (longer for four in a bag).
Do not hang the plastic bag over the edge of the pot, it will melt (we know).  Our experience with the four egg omelet for two people is that it requires a lot more time in the water.  We used a Gallon bag for the 4 egg omelet and would now recommend using a quart bag and making individual 2 egg omelets.  I would also avoid the mushrooms next time.  They just add water to the omelet.

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