Trials and Tribulations in Sourdough Bread

Ok, I wanted to go old school and make some honest to god sourdough bread without using any commercial yeast.  Our Sourdough Pancakes have become a regular feature for Sunday Brunch in our home.  They are the best pancakes we’ve had and we are hoping to get the same results with our bread.

Yesterday I did a little research and came up with a recipe for an all Sourdough Bread.  I believe my previous efforts were flawed in a couple of aspects.  I didn’t knead the bread long enough in the mixer.  It needs a good 8-10 minutes on low with a bread hook.

So, it goes pretty good to start with.  Make the sponge, let it sit over night.  Next day mix the rest of it up in the Kitchenaid and it goes into the oven for rising (light on give about 85F temp in there I’m told).  7 hours later it’s fully risen and looking really nice.  I’m excited.

I knock it down, fold it up and put it back in.  It’s now 2.5 hours later it hasn’t changed.

It never had a second rise, just flat.  We went ahead and baked it but it’s in the trash bin now.

Sue is giving it another try this afternoon.

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