Sourdough Pancakes * Double Feeding

OK, my latest thing is Sourdough.  A week ago I began a sourdough starter (more on that later)  and have diligently fed it everyday.  We’ve had two loaves of sourdough bread so far and last night I thought we could have sourdough pancakes for Sunday Brunch.

I started the batter the night before.  The difference in this recipe is that I added a 1/2 cup of flour 2 hours prior to using the batter.  At first I thought I ruined it as it went from a thin consistency to a thick one but once the sourdough yeast went to work, it thinned out quickly to a very nice consistency.

These pancakes were much lighter than the usual gut bombs I make.  I took some frozen fruit (strawberry and mango) and defrosted it.  Gave it a quick run in the blender and then warmed it up in a pan for a pancake topping.  Mmmmm.

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Here’s the recipe.

Sourdough Pancakes * Double Feeding

Serving Size  : 4     Preparation Time :0:00
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The night before……
1                cup  sourdough starter
1                cup  flour
1                cup  warm water — No chlorinated tap water – may kill yeast

Making the  sourdough pancakes….
1/2           cup  flour — can be added the night before – I use as a second starter feeding 2 hours prior to use.
1               each  egg — well beater
1         tablespoon  granulated sugar
1           teaspoon  salt
1           teaspoon  baking soda
1         tablespoon  cooking oil — or melted butter
Optional: 1 T honey

The night before,  take a cup of sourdough starter and mix with flour and water in a non-reactive bowl.  Cover with cling wrap and set out on counter.

Next day.  Add the 1/2 cup of flour, this will feed the sourdough starter and get it bubbling again.  It will also firm up the batter a bit, I add and wait a couple hours if we are having Brunch, otherwise put it in the night before. Use 1/4 of batter per pancake.  Fry on a well oiled griddle or frying pan.

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