Organic Deer Repellent Recipe – Non-Clogging

damn-deerDeer Repellent Recipe

In the neighborhood we live, Deer are constantly moving through our yard.   If measures aren’t taken, they will eat everything they find.  In fact, each year we’ve lived here, we have found new born fawns in our backyard awaiting their mothers return in our bushes.

This year I was slow to spray my bushes down and have paid the price.  They’ll bounce back though.  The deer seem to avoid the plants once they learn it’s not pleasant tasting.

This recipe is a variation of ones found on the Internet.  I had problems with the sprayer clogging and found that using Egg Beaters Egg Whites instead of normal egg white or eggs helped greatly.  I also bought a big bottle of Texas Pete Hot Sauce and use that instead of cayenne pepper which also clogs.  This recipe is easy, cheap and very effective.  Spray it every few days till they get a taste of it, then you’ll just need to do it occasionally.
It creates a smelly, spicy spray that will stick to the edible bits of the trees and shrubs and doesn’t clog the spayer.

I use a small plastic sprayer.  A hand held 1/2 gallon type I got at Home Depot for about $7.  Put all the ingredients into the sprayer and fill it with water up to the 56oz mark. Shake it up and spray.   This is enough for me to spray 10 semi-dwarf fruit trees and the shrubs in our yard.

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Organic Deer Repellent

1 Cup Milk
1/2 cup Egg beaters egg whites (doesn’t clog like egg whites)
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1 tablespoon of dish soap (don’t use anti-bacterial)
1/4 cup or more of Petes hot sauce.  Buy it in bulk at Walmart.
fill tank with water.

Mix well and spray on plants or shrubs every few weeks or after heavy rain.  Spray does not keep and smells VERY nasty if given a chance to sit out.  It’s pretty effective though!

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