Another Cooking Blog

I spend a fair amount of time looking up recipes or visiting cooking blogs.  I’ve been building WordPress websites and blogs quite a bit lately so I guess it’s time for me to jump in with my own finally.

I do most of the cooking in our house and really enjoy it.  I didn’t really cook much till I was in college and found that if I didn’t learn to cook my menu was pretty much limited to Ramen, spaghetti, baloney sandwiches and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Now I go through periods of experimental cooking and trying different techniques.  This last week I’ve been on a Sourdough binge.  My starter is going well and I’ve made to loaves of bread so far and had sourdough pancakes this morning… more on that later.

I’ll be posting recipes on this blog and I’ll have them also available for download in the MasterCook recipe format.



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