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Killer Hog Rub

Excellent rub for pork. Ribs and whole hog.

Habanero Pineapple Salsa #3 Canned Version

This is my favorite so far. PrintHabanero Pineapple Salsa #3 Canned Version Rating: 51 Yield: 5 Pints Ingredients2.5 lbs Tomatillos – Roast till they stat turning black 4 ea Large Pasilla Chili – Blacken and rinse off 6 ea Habaneros – till they are starting to blacken 2 ea Carrots 1 ea large onion 2 […]

Habanero Pineapple Salsa #1

Here’s the first version.  It’s sweeter. PrintHabanero Pineapple Salsa #1 Ingredients4 Habaneros 2 Pasilla 4 Jalapeno 1 Sweet Onion 1 15oz can Pineapple rings 2 cloves Garlic 2 Carrots (1/2 cup) 6 T Sugar, Brown sugar, honey.. your choice 5 Tomatillos 1.5 cups White Vinegar InstructionsRoast/blacken in oven or on grill first 6 items. Remove […]

Habanero Pineapple Salsa #2

Over the weekend I made several attempts at making a Habanero salsa that wouldn’t blow my head off.  You can easily adjust the heat by roasting more Habaneros and adding in till you get the heat you want.  This is now my favorite salsa.  Already ate a pint of it and it’s only Tuesday. PrintHabanero […]

Paleo Diet: Tuna Cakes

Trying out this Paleo Diet thing and needed something quick and easy for lunch besides a salad. PrintPaleo Diet: Tuna Cakes Ingredients2 can Tuna 1 ea Egg 2T Onion diced 1.5 T Coconut flour Seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powderInstructionsSqueeze the water out of the tuna cans. Dump tuna and rest of ingredients in bowl. Fry […]

Vegetable and Chickpea Curry

This recipe is from a November 1997 issue of Vegetarian Times.  I made it back than and loved it.  I also lost the recipe.  I found it again today and am of course making if for dinner tonight. PrintVegetable and Chickpea Curry Ingredients2 t Canola oil 1 T Ground cumin 1 t Ground coriander 1 […]

Downloads Fixed

Looks like our download section is fixed.  Our host had made some server changes and we weren’t notified.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Chile Verde for Canning

“This is the best Chile Verde we’ve had. Large pot of Chile Verde for
canning with pressure cooker”

Sherried Chicken Liver Pate

This is just a kick ass recipe.  Even people who think they don’t like pate end up licking the bowl. Sherried Chicken Liver Pate About 3 cups 1 lb Chicken livers, cleaned, fat and sinew removed. 1/2 c milk (for soaking livers) Olive Oil 1 med yellow onion – chopped 2 garlic cloved – chopped […]

Prickly Pear Cactus Juice (for cocktails) Recipe

If you buy this stuff in a store, it’s ungodly expensive.  We have a really big prickly pear cactus in our yard.  We picked some of the fruit and processed it, boiled it and strained it multiple times in cheese cloth.  Result was 6 cups of juice.  Here’s what we did to make it something […]

Chicken Adobo – TKD

Ok, here’s my version of Chicken Adobo and is a take on the earlier one here.   I think the chicken broth add a nice flavor to the sauce but it is non-traditional.  This time we used boneless, skinless chicken thighs but I prefer to do it with bone in, skin on chicken parts. Chicken Adobo […]

Simple Chicken Adobo and Adobo-flavored Garlic Fried Rice

I found the recipe below on a now defunct blog.  What happened was my copy of it got splattered in the kitchen so I went looking for it again to reprint it.  No luck.  Finally, pulled a copy of it from the Internet Archives (Wayback Machine) from 2004.  Here’s a link to the original webpage […]

Carne Asada with Roasted Vegetable Salsa

I’ve been wanting to make a Carne Asada for a long time now.  We finally did it and it was freaking awesome.  I didn’t have any tri-tip or flank steak in the freezer but I did have an Under Blade Roast.  It’s a tasty piece of meat but it’s tough if you don’t treat it […]

Homemade Ancho Chili Powder –

Once you make this simple chili powder you will never buy the dull, tasteless crap that passes for chili powder in a store again.  This chili powder will also transform an ordinary chili into a champion. What I look for in a chili powder is a LOT of flavor.  I’m not looking to get much […]

Braised Lamb Breast – Cheap & Tasty

We were in Walmart in Cottonwood AZ the other day and I came across a vac sealed bag of Lamb breast.  I’ve never seen lamb breast in a store before.  They were only $1.78 a pound. Since we love lamb but hate the high price of the best cuts, we decided to see if we […]

Pollo Asada – TKD

Trying a new recipe tonight.  Pollo Asada – Mexican Marinated Chicken.  Came out pretty good.  Will be using leftovers for Chicken Curry tomorrow. Click here to download a text copy of the recipe. Pollo Asada – TKD Recipes Recipe By     : Serving Size  : 0     Preparation Time :0:00 Categories    : Amount  Measure       Ingredient — Preparation […]

Our Favorite Hamburgers –

Tonight I worked on refining a recipe for good hamburgers.  The American meal. I cooked one for our daughter (and a small one for our Jack Russell) first.  She took a bite and said “Oh my God”.  So, I guess we did pretty good.  I was then told to ‘take a bite, a small bite’ […]

Easy Roasted Chicken

This has become a staple on our family menu.  It’s easy, relatively quick,  very tasty and will impress the guests. Download Recipe in MasterCook format: Notice the butter placement ———————————————————————————————– Recipe: Easy Roasted Chicken Summary: Awesome roasted chicken recipe. We cook this all the time in our house. Ingredients 1 each whole chicken 2 tablespoons […]

Homemade Applesauce

Here’s a quick recipe we did last night.  This is the best tasting applesauce I’ve ever had. Recipe: Homemade Applesauce – TKD Ingredients 6 Apples – Peeled, cored, chopped 1 cup water 1/4 cup Splenda brown sugar 1 t Cinnamon 1t Nutmeg 2t Vanilla Extract 1 oz Brandy 1/2 oz Gran Marnier Instructions Peel, core […]

Crab Cakes and Lobster Tails

This one is AWESOME.  We picked up two small Lobster tails from Harris-Teeter.  This is a real simple and very tasty way to prepare the Lobster.  Steaming the lobster with wine improves the sauce as the juices of the lobster will go into the wine and not be lost.  This would probably be even better […]

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